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How to properly clean the house?

(Knowledge) - Clean the work which is simple, but in reality some people are suffering from   mistake to make.

Clean with water is not enough

For families in Vietnam, where the floor is an intimate meal, where everyone in the family gather to chat, children playing, even a place to sleep ... So the helps keep the floor clean environment clean, safe and makes house becomes clean, shiny and fresh. However, the cleaning work which is simple but many people do it incorrectly. Not a few people think that   just mopping with clean water is sufficient.

However, according to Prof. Dr. Phung Dac Cam, former Dean of bacteria, Central Hygiene and Epidemiology Institute, is not enough clean water for cleaning is only dust, while the floor is very dirty place by grave smelly feet, falling food ... making it the drive of bacteria, germs. In particular, there are floor joints between the bricks (or timber) is where bacteria from sticking, so water can not rule alone. That is not to mention the many families also take advantage of excess water after washing clothes, washing vegetables.

Therefore, to clean the house, they must   used those capable of cleaning water   such as soapy water, special floor cleaner ... However, not a few families to use the floor cleaner too dense concentrations, even as products of unknown quality. This makes many people after wiping the floor cleaner with feeling tired, annoyed by the concentration anonymously flight fragrance throughout the house. As for the fact that the soapy water containing detergent chemicals can help to clean up the floor, but the downside is that a lot of foam, visco, causing a lot of time and effort.

If using a floor cleaner, do not "take", using just enough, not too dense

and open the door to fresh scent less evaporation.

Absolutely can not clean

Prof. Dr. Phung Dac Cam said, in addition to dust, then there are "stains" invisible as bacteria, germs stick on the floor, so to regularly clean the floor and not cleaned once a month does not. In addition, the use of water is not enough that the dedicated mop water can kill bacteria.

If you use soap to clean it several times with clean water to ensure no saved soapy water on the floor. If the use of a dedicated floor cleaner which is based on the chemical formula, to be studied separately for cleaning the floor, the first thing is to ensure the quality of the wipe. Because if using poor quality floor cleaner contains many harmful chemicals will be toxic to the body and the environment. Nor should "participate" doses too dense because it may feel tired. Also, do not necessarily wipe with clear water when the use of dedicated floor cleaner but should open fresh water to wipe the smell of evaporating. [Nbsp]

In particular, Prof. Dr. Phung Dac Cam recommendations, people should avoid thinking the floor completely clean when cleaned regularly and properly. By this wipe clean only relative but can not get rid of bacteria, germs stick on the floor. Therefore, even if the floor is regularly   wipe it also should not be abused, should not allow children to roll all fours on the floor pear ...

In the hot summer, many families want to take the floor to sleep so often cleaned with floor cleaner then hastily closed the door turn on the air conditioner. It is best to wait until the new smell bay closed off turn conditioned to avoid smells lurking in the house.

Mr. Nguyen Van Hoang   (Clean House Cleaning Company)

Huy Khanh