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Tips keep durable as new shirt

Austria has long been collecting became popular costumes, handy for most people. However preservation and how to use durable long shirt perhaps not everyone knows. Here are some   tips keep durable as new shirt   want to share with women.

Keeping durable T-shirt

When buying a new T-shirt on

  • If the T-shirt with beaded or with prints: You should roll left his garment, using the iron board behind to increase the durability of prints and decorative beads;
  • To increase the color fastness of the shirt: You do not rush to wash with soap which should soak clothes in vinegar or salted cold water about 1 hour, then rinse with cold water. This way, the color of faded shirt restrictions during use.


    • If the shirt is white or light-colored laundry that you own, avoid some colored clothes soaked due process, general cleaning will be the color of your shirt that was stained spots.

    • T-shirts should not wash with soap detergent as high as it will quickly fade shirt color during washing.

    • Wash with water more than 20-30 of washed clothes.

    • While cleaning up the pitcher does not, because it will make clear coat strongly dilated, disfigured.

    • Spot any more dirty, you should not rub detergent bottles that just rubbing lightly by hand.

    • Finished cleaning, you squeezed to drain shirt is.

Drying clothes

  • When exposed, you lap up hanging upside down and used wire coat holder, should not be exposed by hanger because it will make saggy shoulder shirt, collar charm.
  • Need drying clothes in the shade, ventilated area.
  • It should not be exposed to direct sunlight shirt on will slide quickly faded shirt.

Board, is the shirt

  • T-shirts are generally not necessary to this stage much too often.
  • Where the board should, be lined up on the thin fabric clothes iron to prevent overheating causing discoloration or color shirt fire shirt.

With some   tips keep durable as new shirt   above will simply help you to preserve durable shirt, increased its usage time and cost savings are a significant there. Please make and test the actual effect offline.