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Notes on bleaches color

Using the wrong detergent or soak too long ... can cause patchy colored clothing that must be discarded.

Unlike white clothes, the stubborn stains on clothing colors as lubricants, ball pen, mark curry ... need treatment measures "soft" over. If not careful, you could not remove old stains have to worry about "fighting" for the new white spot.

Water containing chlorine bleach is not suitable option for colored clothes. Inadvertently stained a few drops of water into the pot bleaching colored clothing items, Ngoc Ha (27 years old) can not salvage outfit their patchy.

Chlorine bleach can damage the   colored clothes. Artwork:   Shutterstock.

Too much and too long soak is also common mistakes. Normal bleach if using a moderate dose and dilution phase can still help you cleanse colored stains on clothing. However, just for the hands a little, new shirt can turn into instant old.

Sister Bao Tram (30) each applied this approach to remove ballpoint pen stain on the blue shirt of the husband. Because the ink is too dark, the fold line is located just of pocket should you decide to Tram bleach a little more. Only an hour after immersion, ink have been spilled fade but colored shirt and lighter.

Moreover, the habit of abusing bleach when washing clothes, pillowcases, blankets ...   also made fabric items or create tiny explosions wound. In addition, unpleasant pungent smell of bleach also cause   unpredictable harm to health. [Nbsp]

Soak the clothes too long to do regular bleach and fabric patches directory.

Artwork:   Shutterstock.

To remove stains on fabric color and overcoming the risks, you should use bleach for colored clothes. Through the main ingredient is hydrogen peroxide and baking powder, this type of cleaning liquid bleach stains by releasing oxygen molecules, which break down the structure of the stains without causing fabric items, patches, odors as well as non-irritating to skin, eyes, nose ... chlorime If using bleach, be careful and used correctly, the right dose.

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