Dishwashing liquid

Dishwashing liquid

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SUPERR dishwashing liquid formula prepared with special characteristics: Clean all dirt, grease, no skin irritation hands dry, fresh lemon concentrate, save. Special: With this type of vitamin E will help you keep your hands soft. With these features dishwater SUPERR wash away grease, dust, smoke, leftovers clinging on items such as cup, plates, pots, pans, stove, refrigerator and other appliances made ​​by: glass, formeca, plastic, porcelain, silver aluminum, brass, copper ... also dishwater SUPERR also wash the grease, industrial lubricants convenient for HONDA car wash services, car ...

HOW TO USE: (There are two best ways are as follows)

If you just spray wash at dishwashing sponges impregnated SUPERR to apply water to the items subject to washing, then rinse with clean water.

If you wash a lot of things, a mix of dishwashing liquid into the bowl SUPERR suitable for water and supplies available to, use scrubbing sponges, then wash with clean water.

WARNING: Keep out of reach of children

Avoid accidental eye contact, if contact with eyes with plenty of water to rinse clean.


- After using it carefully and turn the button to the cooler.

- Avoid sunlight.

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