Bleach clothes color

Bleach clothes color

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Specially formulated to clean all the grease and clean difficult stains, including yellow stains of food and fingerprints.

- A new white clothes, sheets, towels and personal belongings in cloth.

- Clean new water color fabrics, fabric flowers ...

- Cleaning of the long yellow stains on everyday items.

SPECIAL: Water SUPEER bleach kills bacteria and increases when mixed with detergent soap. So when should wash for a purge of SUPERR washing with soap will be quick, easy, quick and clean kill bacteria attached on clothes, prevent skin diseases.



For white clothing falling gold, dark, white metal to make: Mix 5 tablespoons or 10 bottle (about 50 ml) bleach SUPERR with 5 liters of soapy water, stirring, for clothes to soak about 30 minutes, and then rinse your profile.

For fabric color, fabric flowers faded, the old need to lighten: Mix 2 tablespoons or 4 bottle (20ml) SUPERR bleach with 5 gallons of water and also perform the above steps.

For items with enamel stain such as: Tea pot, tea cup, teacup, cup-style ... After 10 tablespoons or 20 bottle (100ml) of water with 5 liters of water for about 1 hour, washed retrieved.

2. BY WASHING MACHINE: Approximately 100ml (20 caps) for a washing bowl.

NOTE: After the soap on, wait until the water is full, the new detergent.

NOTE: Not to be used to remove the natural silk fabrics and fabrics with write words: "DO NOT BLEACH" = "KHÔNG ĐƯỢC DÙNG NƯỚC TẨY".

Do not bleach built directly into clothing, dilute it with water and detergent for clothes at first and then, as if that hand washing is oily, use lemon or vinegar rinse.

WARNING: Keep out of reach of children. Avoid accidental eye contact, if contact with eyes with plenty of water to rinse clean.

STORAGE: after use and turn the button to the cool thoroughly. Avoid sunlight.


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